Brian Rubenstein

Brian is the founder of BDS Capital, with 18 years of experience analyzing, advising, and investing in private and public companies.  He was previously General Partner at Wheatley Partners, a technology-focused venture capital firm.  He currently serves or has served on the board of several companies, including DraftKings, Roadster, ProSeeder, Quikly, and eGifter.  Brian received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania.


Evan Burnstein

Evan was previously the founder and CEO of Wilbey, a technology startup with the largest event discovery and curation platform on the web.  He led Wilbey in product, operations, and legal.  Prior to Wilbey, he represented and advised corporate clients as an intellectual property and technology attorney at Skadden Arps.  He currently serves on the board of Memgraph and Wappier.  Evan has a BA from Duke University and a JD from Harvard Law School.


Barry Rubenstein

Barry has been a leading technology investor for over 45 years, including 25 years as General Partner at Wheatley Partners.  He currently serves or has served on the board of numerous companies, including USWeb, FatWire, and CertPoint Systems.  He was the founder or founding consultant to several companies, including Novell and Cheyenne Software.  Barry has an MS in electrical engineering and computer sciences from New York University.